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For all public transit options from the Dallas/Fort
Worth Airport, you must first go outside to the lower
level of the terminal (any terminal).  Then find a sign
like the one pictured and wait for the free airport bus.  
Get off at the Public Transit area in the Remote Lot.

Trinity Railway Express (TRE) provides rail
service to Dallas and Fort Worth every half hour to
hour on weekdays from 5:25am to 10:16pm and
Saturdays every 2 hours from 6:07am to 10:16pm.  
No Sunday service.  Take the free airport bus to the
Remote South lot and transfer to a free bus going to
the rail station.  These buses operate every 15 to 30
minutes weekdays only.  Once on the train, fare is
$3.50 to both Dallas and Fort Worth.  For more
information, go to or call
214-979-1111 or 877-657-0146.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) operates Route 310 from the airport.  This bus
can be picked up at the Remote North lot, which can be accessed by the free airport
bus.  Get off the 310 bus at the North Irvine Transit Center and get on the Express
Route 202 bus.  This service operates once or twice and hour from 5:32 am until
10:14pm weekdays.  No weekend service.  The cheapest option is to buy an all day
pass for $7.00.  This option could take up to two hours to get to downtown Dallas.  
More detailed information is on the web site or call 214-979-1111.

Updated February 25, 2012

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