28mm WW2 british - riflemen plastic 12 figs infantry - inf (22190) 
15mm WW1 austro hungarian - infantry 28 figures - inf (16555)
25mm ECW english - regt. (plastic) 24 figures - inf (26285)

25mm renaissance english - battle group 21 figures - inf (23264)

Citadel Marauder MM41 -1 Ogre Kingdoms Mercenary Bulls Ogor OOP Metal G121

Sri Lanka and the new barbarism


‘Disillusionment with the main parties is higher than ever’

Tim Black

Man’s inhumanity to man – and robots

Brendan O'Neill

Death for death’s sake Editorial

Death for death’s sake

25mm napoleonic russian - hussars 12 cavalry painted metal - cav (7600)
25mm medieval english - polearms 24 figures - inf (29945) Brendan O'Neill
Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Alfred the Councillor Hobbit New NIB LoTR GW
Mantic Games Gang Warzone — Terrain Crate Warpath Deadzone Walking Dead

Tom Slater

DRAGON LANCE - Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn - 2nd Ed AD&D campaign box set 1086

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The Ultimate Mystic by Dean Shomshak

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25mm ECW english - civil war baggage - baggage (17326)
Team Yankee TGBX02 Marder Zug (Plastic) New Sealed
Spartan (JOHN DIGGLE) 35mm Tabletop Miniature DC Universe Knight Models